We are Zoo Co

Zoo Co is an award-winning theatre company creating powerful, playful productions which have performed to audiences across the UK and around the world. 

We are also a registered charity.

All of our performances are 

Relaxed Performances so everyone gets to feel comfortable in a theatre.

We strongly believe in the power of engagement and that everyone should be able to participate

Sirens by Zoo Co- Tour 2019 - Photograph

We believe that theatre is better when everybody is invited.

A lot of our work is accessible for deaf audiences, using Creative Captioning and integrated British Sign Language.

Our casts and creative teams include artists who are d/Deaf, disabled, neuro-diverse, hearing, non-disabled or neuro-typical.


Engagement and Community

Zoo Co offers an extensive and dedicated attitude to creating valuable, meaningful and important engagement projects and opportunities.

Zoo Co practitioners have facilitated workshops and projects with charities, companies, schools, colleges and universities including Delight, Croydon College, Coulsdon College, Cornerstone Arts Centre, Fourth Monkey Theatre Company, Royal Holloway University, Prospero Theatre and many other organisations.


We dedicate ourselves to maintaining a sharing, generous attitude towards engagement work as a vital part of our creative output.

Our Team

Artistic Director and Creative Engagement                                             Flo O'Mahony 

Producer                                                                                                Jessica Bickel-Barlow

Producer                                                                                                       Olivia Munk

Head of Children's Work & Associate Artist                                    Laura Kaye Thomson

Access Co-ordinator & Associate Artist                                                  Fleur Rooth

Assistant Producer                                                                                      Sarah Verghese                

Assistant to the Artistic Director                                                                Laurie Ogden

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