In The Woods

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A immersive site specific show with weekly whole day engagement for one half term with 7-8 year olds 

Delight in the Woods strengthens children’s creative and academic learning and life skills through immersive storytelling – the programme encourages children to free their imagination, tell their story, write what they feel and create a unique devised performance.

Created by Delight in partnership with Zoo Co and the National Trust team at Box Hill, and delivered with the support of teaching staff, the 2018 pilot saw 28 Year 3 children become immersed in ‘StoryLand’ where they encountered intriguing characters facing a range of dilemmas.

In 2019 the programme was extended and Delight in the Woods was rolled out to 8 schools.

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The immersive, unfolding experience ignites the imaginations of the children and empowers them in their role as

‘The Best Storytellers in the World’.


The programme is tailored specifically to the individual children, working with the class teacher to present a truly unique and magical immersive programme.

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