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Meet Daisy. 

She's got a messy brain and a messy bedroom. 

A magical and visual show complete with original music, puppets, tap dancing and even a trip to the moon!

Performed by a deaf and hearing cast and using Sign Support English. 

Created in partnership with the ADHD Foundation. 


Three Greek women defy the will of Zeus and head to the 21st century with one mission: rewrite history.

Using breathtaking visual storytelling, stunning projections and a lot of feathers, Sirens sticks two fingers up at gender expectations and asks, when your voice is silenced, how do you stand up and shout out?

Creatively captioned and BSL inclusive, with a deaf and hearing cast. 

⭐ Three Weeks Editor's Award Winner ⭐

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Join this tattered troupe as Luna's tragic tale unravels for the first time. But why tonight?


A patchwork of puppetry, poetry, movement and live music and stitched together with Zoo's trademark visual imagination, The Girl Who Fell in Love with the Moon sets out to explore humanity's eternal fascination with the skies.




Tommy lives with three generations of his family. They've learnt to ignore the strange things his nan says over dinner, and the bizarre rumblings coming from the attic.


Horribly honest clowns and questionable cabaret acts ignite the stage with Zoo Co’s trademark live music, puppetry, poetry & movement. 


GIANT is an explosive, absurd and visceral adventure into 'Adulting'.

Could Tommy’s nan know more than meets the eye?

GIANT by Zoo Co. The Attic Scene photogr
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Monotone Man lives in a monochrome world. He spends his time walking the straight and narrow, ticking boxes and avoiding unnecessary contact with strangers…


In a world where we so often go out of our way to avoid the people around us, Zoo brought this interactive celebration of connection and colour to an exciting array of outdoor festivals. 

Produced in association with Lyric Hammersmith and Latitude Festival. 


The play is set in an imagined past, where World War 2 results in global nuclear fall out rendering the earth's surface uninhabitable, and where the survivors have been forced to move underground.


Ultimately, it is a story about re-discovering human connection, in an environment where, over time, people have become totally reliant on technology. 

⭐ Les Enfants Terribles Award Winner ⭐

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