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Theatre deliveries to your door!


Their touring van wasn’t getting much use, so Zoo Co converted it into a brand new portable theatre. They’re now delivering performances to individuals right across South London - straight to their door!

With theatres still being shut, Zoo Co are bringing the theatre to you.


Bobby is a busy delivery driver, delivering packages, parcels and sometimes stories - though she leaves that to the storytelling crew in the back. But it all changes when Bobby is forced to tell her own.

Using shadow puppetry, video projection and their imaginations,

‘Ladies in the Van’ tells the story of the storytellers. 

 We’re looking for audience members to take part in this pilot project. All we need is a parking space that you can see from your window! If you think you might benefit from having the ‘Ladies in the Van’ visit your home, then fill out the form  HERE  and we’ll be in touch. 

Access Info


This show will be using Closed Captions for all performances. 

Suitable for d/Deaf and hearing audiences. 

Black and white projected images will be used. 

There will be portable speaker in use 

Please note, we cannot guarantee how close the van will be to you if you need to read the closed captions (of course social distancing rules will apply) but we will try our best!

Suitable For 8+