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Project: Perfect Show For Rachel @ Brighton and Barbican - April - June 2024
Role: Rachel’s Onstage Live Scribe


Project Dates: 

April 2024 - Rehearsals (exact dates TBC)

Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd June - Tech @ Brighton venue

Saturday 4th May - Saturday 11th May - Brighton venue performances

Monday 20th May - Friday 24th May - Tech @ Barbican

Friday 24th May - Sunday 9th June - Performances @ Barbican 



ITC weekly rate throughout rehearsals and performances - £545 per week.

London based role. Brighton travel/ accommodation will be paid for by the company. We are not able to cover travel/ accommodation for London based activity for this role.


About the show:

Perfect Show For Rachel is an Offie award-winning production, originally produced by Zoo Co as the winners of the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, premiering at Barbican in November 2022. Now, Zoo Co is co-producing a remounted version of the production with Improbable for performances as part of the Brighton Festival and a return to Barbican for a 3 week run this summer.


Step into Rachel's world in this experimental show as a learning disabled artist has the power to lead the creation of her ‘Perfect Show’.

Rachel is a theatre-loving, enigmatic 33 year-old who loves Kylie Minogue, heckling from the front row and seeing people falling over. She is a learning disabled care-home resident, and sister to Flo, Zoo Co’s Artistic Director.


Sitting on-stage on a throne with her custom-built tech desk, she takes charge as the director of every unique performance in real-time. A touch of a button can trigger music, lighting, theatrical scenes or choreography, brought to life instantly by a company of performers.


Critical Acclaim:

‘Extraordinary’ - ***** Broadway World

‘A total delight… Why can’t more theatre be like this?’ - ***** Guardian

‘Joyous’ - **** The Stage

‘A disarming labour of love’ - **** The Times

OFFIE Winner - Access

OFFIE Nominated - I.D.E.A Production


Job Role - Rachel’s Onstage Live Scribe


Essential Skills:

  • Strong typing skills - You do not need to be a professional typist or stenographer in order to apply for this role. However, it is a role that is both creative AND provides access for the audience and cast to Rachel’s speech. You need to be a confident typist and have strong spelling/ grammar skills. We recommend checking your typing skills for free here and letting us know your speed/ accuracy rating:

  • Strong listening skills - Rachel speaks confidently, but often quietly, in unexpected sentence structures, and sometimes her voice can be more difficult to understand if you are not used to it. The scribe role acts as a translator between Rachel and the cast/ her audience. It is important that you are confident in staying focused and listening sharply to what Rachel is saying. This will enable you to do the job with as much accuracy as possible, enabling Rachel’s words to be shared as part of the poetry of the production.

  • Confidence in interacting and collaborating authentically and playfully with a Learning Disabled artist - this role is a role that (literally) sits right next to the director on stage and in rehearsals. Rachel will chat to you, offer up banter and expect you to be at ease with her! This is vital to the role, as it enables you to develop a familiarity with Rachel’s voice, wording and communication style. Basically - you need a good sense of humour and a willingness to be playful/ silly. 

  • Comfort with being on stage throughout the performance - This is an onstage role. You will train as part of the performance ensemble any time Rachel is not in rehearsals. You will be the live scribe anytime we are ‘in session’ with Rachel. You will be in costume, playing yourself, as part of the ensemble. This isn’t a really active performance role, but you should feel confident being seen by an audience, or to respond to Rachel should she reach out to talk to you during the show, as well as joining the ensemble for one or two featured moments incorporated into some of the scenes we might perform (for example, a pub brawl)! You will be credited as part of the performance cast.


We think this is a really exciting opportunity for a performer/ writer who feels they would benefit from learning how to create theatre in this way, as a development opportunity. It gains a performance credit, but more than that, it is an opportunity to work alongside Zoo Co and Improbable to learn about accessible improvisational theatre-making practices. 

We would really welcome applications from performers/ writers for whom this opportunity would be enriching to their ongoing creative development/ practice, even if it sits slightly outside of what type of role you ‘normally do’. Please let us know if you think this is the case.


We strongly encourage applications from artists who experience barriers to paid opportunities like this.


Other skills we want to know about if you have them:

  • Experience/ training in improvisation Experience in working with disabled artists, or learning disabled adults/ artists in any setting

  • British Sign Language skills (any level, please state your level in your application)

  • Experience working with deaf artists/ Deaf Awareness training

  • Previous performance experience/ training


  • Train as part of the performance ensemble throughout rehearsals

  • Get to know Rachel as well as possible throughout rehearsals

  • Be Rachel’s live scribe throughout rehearsals and performances (this is part of the access remit for our deaf and hearing cast)

  • Be in role as Rachel’s live scribe on every performance of Perfect Show For Rachel

  • Join the performance as part of the ensemble at certain moments during the show 

  • Be available to support the Stage Manager in terms of helping set up the (very simple) TV screens/ casting equipment where possible, supported and overseen by the Production Manager/ Stage Manager


A general note:

This show is challenging, and requires every creative to fully embrace an entirely different way of making theatre, to be fully committed to Rachel’s vision even when it challenges our own ideas about what makes ‘good art’ and to genuinely want to step into the unknown with us. The show is different every night. 


There is no magic formula or skillset for who ‘the right person’ might be for a role like this, but we tend to find people who are authentic, kind, silly, brave and open-minded are best fitted to working on this show. 


(If you meet most, but not all, of the above Essential Criteria, but you feel in your bones that this show suits you as an artist, we would still encourage you to apply - please be up front about any skills/ experience gaps)


How to apply:

Please send:

  • A recent CV

  • Confirmation of your Typing Speed/ Accuracy test using this link - or equivalent 

  • A brief cover email detailing why you are the right fit for this project


Please submit your application to no later than 4pm on Friday 9th February 2024.


If you have any access needs relating to applying for this role, please contact Fleur, our Creative Access Director, on


Any questions about the role itself, please contact Flo on


We anticipate organising informal 1-2-1 chats between the team and shortlisted candidates throughout February. We may get in touch with applicants sooner than the application deadline, in order to give us time to meet as many candidates as possible working around the creative team’s availability during a busy period.


Our recruitment process:

We will confirm by reply that we have received your application. 

We will always let you know the outcome of our decisions at every stage of the application process. 

We will be able to offer feedback to shortlisted candidates who attend an interview, if requested. 

We welcome feedback from you on how you felt the application process went.

If you have not heard from us by Friday 23rd February 2024, please let us know.

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