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Support Worker/Personal Assistant: NIGHT SHIFT

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Zoo Co are looking for a support worker to join us in rehearsals for our new show Night Shift.
This is to act as a personal assistant to one of our artists who lives with ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), Chronic Migraines, Auditory Processing Disorder and Neurodivergence.
To apply please email

About us:

Zoo Co is a multi-award winning theatre company, established in 2013, and based in Croydon. We think that theatre is better when everyone is invited, and loudly and proudly champion creative access in all that we do. Our work is highly visual, energised, ensemble-based and socially engaged. We want to tell stories that matter, with and for the people they matter to.

This personal assistant is needed to:
- Assemble and move their pain and fatigue management tools around the room e.g. inflatable bed, pillow, sheet, duvet, acupressure mat, electric massager, foam roller, heat pads)
- Move their pain and fatigue management tools to and from their car/taxi.
- Assist them with getting and assembling their manual and electric wheelchair out of their car/taxi and transport these into, around and out of their place of work.
- Assist them when moving around in their manual wheelchair if they are travelling over an uneven surface or if they are travelling for more than 1 minute. This will include assistance within the work building and outside of it.
- Communicate with the stage management team so that they are warned of any changes in sound and light that will happen within the theatre space.
- Facilitate effective use of their break times. Every time they have a break, they need to use the full time to lie down/manage pain/manage migraines. They therefore need a PA to fetch them water, lunch, snacks, medicine, pain management equipment and/or
anything else they might need to continue with the next phase of work.
- In the event of them having a severe migraine attack and needing to leave, book a taxi for them.
- Accompany them so that obstacles such as doors are removed/opened for them. This includes accompanying them to and from the toilet, kitchens and rehearsal rooms.
- Fold and unfold their electric/manual wheelchair and move it to/retrieve it from where they are being stored during the work day, so that they can transfer between chairs.
- Act as a communication support worker when they are unable to lip read the person communicating with them - e.g. when they are on stage and the director is off stage or when a lighting technician is up a ladder and communicating a change in lighting and
they are ground level.
- Act as a note taker when information is being communicated to them verbally so that they can receive it in two forms of communication (written and verbal) as requested.
- Help them process information/instructions if they need longer than the other people in the room to do so.
- Adjust sound, noise and light levels within the room to aid their needs.
Fee and dates:
£25 per hour, 5 hours per day:
9th-13th October
23rd-27th October
30th Oct-3rd November

7th-11th November
(20 days total. Total fee - £2500)

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