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Workplace Neurodiversity Awareness Training

Zoo Co provides Neurodiversity Awareness Training for workplaces; we’re passionate about developing better understanding of neurodiversity, and keen to share stories and best practice. 


‘Neurodiversity’ refers to the different ways in which people’s brains function. Neurodiverse people may experience the world differently from people with neurotypical brains, and may have different needs, motivations or communication styles. Examples of neurodiversities include ADHD and Autism. It’s estimated that 15% of the UK population are neurodiverse.

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Our three hour session is delivered by people with lived experience of neurodiversity. We offer an introduction to ADHD, Autism, OCD, Tourette’s Syndrome and complex tic disorders. We’ll discuss as a group our perceptions and experiences of neurodiversity, with time for questions and reflections. 


We’ll look at case studies together to learn from first-hand accounts of what access provisions worked well, and not so well, in different work environments - for us as a theatre company, this has included administrative staff, freelance creatives, and performers. 


The session will offer suggestions around inclusive language, and tools you can use to adapt your workplace to support neurodiverse colleagues. 


The session is useful for employees, managers and leadership teams in all areas of an organisation; anyone who wants to support their colleagues, and learn more about this important aspect of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Training Information

Timings: Please allow 3 hours for this training session

Group size: Our ideal group size is between 5 - 15. If your group is larger than 15, we’d suggest holding multiple sessions. 

Space and equipment: 

  • We need a large TV screen with an HDMI connection OR a projector and screen. 

  • We’ll need a room large enough to accommodate your group for a seated workshop.

  • We will bring with us breakout space equipment (beanbags, Zed beds, blankets, fidget toys, colouring materials) - the room needs to be large enough to accommodate these things as well (approx 3m x 3m additional space for this area, ideally part of the main room and not a separate space). 


Who are the trainers? Fleur Rooth and Hannah Skaili

Who are Zoo Co? Zoo Co is a theatre company based in Croydon; we aim to make our work as accessible as possible to disabled audiences. In 2023, we won the Offie Award for Access for our show Perfect Show for Rachel. We took the role of Access Lead for London Borough of Culture 23/24, developing the Access Manifesto, and founding an Access Library of materials to share to make spaces and events more accessible. 

Availability: Please check our Calendly for availability, or email


Cost (all prices are exc VAT; additional costs may apply for locations outside the M25): 

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