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Access Provision for Your Events

If you’re running an event, you can contract Zoo Co to provide advice, materials and personnel to make your event more accessible. 


Our Creative Access Director, Fleur Rooth, can:


Before your event:

  • Consult on the overall accessibility of your event content, offering ideas of how to make the event content more accessible

  • Assess the accessibility of your venue (for example does it have level access? Functional accessible toilets? Are the venue staff disability aware?)

  • Making your event venue more accessible where needed (with staff training, planning access routes and providing venue information to visitors before attending)

  • Assess the need for physical access resources at your venue/event (such as the need for a breakout space)

  • Assess the need for Access Support Workers at your event (by looking at who will be attending, and what provisions they may need)

  • Source and book all relevant access support workers from a known and trusted pool (this might include BSL Interpreters, Audio Describers, Guides for Visually Impaired people, Mental Health First Aiders).

On the day:

  • Deliver and set up materials on the day/s of your event (for example, breakout room equipment like Zed beds, bedding, bean bags, fidget toys, ear defenders). 

  • Provide event management services on the days of the event, managing Access Support Workers, and handling support issues as they arise. 


Whatever the scale of your event, please get in touch to talk through what you might need.


Zoo Co proudly delivered access provision for Liberty Festival 2023, the Mayor of London’s annual free festival celebrating work by deaf, disabled and neurodivergent artists. This was a three day festival which took place at Fairfield Halls in Croydon, and surrounding outdoor public spaces. 


We’ve also delivered access provision for Culture Croydon Symposia - half-day events for around 50 people from Croydon cultural organisations to network and share ideas. 

Zooco (32).jpg

'The team were fantastic to work with, and they provided an experienced, professional and comprehensive approach that was a real asset to the event. Due to staff illnesses, our team was very stretched during the festival, and Zoo Co went above and beyond to support us in delivering a successful event. All members of the team were pro-active and focused, and provided vital support for festival goers.' - Liberty Festival 2023

For more information, and to talk through your event and obtain a quote for our work, please contact

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