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Zoo Co’s work has broadened, and since 2019, we have begun to use the word ‘Associate’ 

to describe two strands of our work - Associate Artists, and Associate Shows (or projects). Across each show/ project, our role is varied to suit the relationship including, but not limited to, directing, access consultancy and co-production.


If you would like to contact us about possible Associate opportunities, please contact We are always open to chatting and developing relationships with new artists. 


4am. Merseyside. Ava tries to tell you what went wrong last night. As the sun rises, a more fantastical story begins.

A work in progress play by Laurie Ogden, performed at the Roundhouse in 2021. Zoo Co support included fundraising, direction, creative access consultancy, access coordination and co-production. In particular, Zoo Co led the recruitment of an exceptional deaf and hearing cast and creative team. 

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Meet Summer, the Park Range, she's passionate about nature and loves visiting the wildlife experts of Deptford Park. There's Theresa Green, our resident tree lover, OrKid the cool kid of the park, Susie Soil who loves soil and insects and Lionel who likes to keep the park tidy! 


"I swiped on them all to see who I could meet. A hundred Manimals in a tracking spreadsheet…”


Michelle, a successful game designer, thinks she’s well on her way to winning the dating game when she starts going on dates with "Manimals" - men posing with exotic animals in their dating profiles. But when you try to win a partner at all costs, what do you lose?

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