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Following on from a sold-out run of their debut theatre production, Liv Wynter’s new show, Rise of the Refrain, asks what happens when a Greek chorus goes on strike. Liv Wynter is an Associate Artist of Zoo Co, and as part of this association was supported through the fundraising and delivery of their project, with a focus on incorporating access throughout the process and artistic design of the show. 

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Rise of the Refrain premiered at Stanley Arts from August 26-28, 2021 and featured a live punk band. It is performed in spoken word, integrated BSL by lead performer Alexandra James, and creative captioning by Rachel Sampley. Performers include Les Miserable and J Dangerous of Italia 90, sadqueersclub of Screaming Toenail, Lewis Daniel, Nathaniel Cross, composer Rob Howat, and with support from Charlie Loane of Great Dad, Piglet, and Speed Training, and sound design by Catherine Hawthorn. The final performance was followed by a club night run by Queer House Party, a DJ collective, community platform and award-winning LGBTQIA+ party. 


Funded by Arts Council England and Supported by Zoo Co and Stanley Arts


The show was performed by a deaf and hearing cast, and was predominantly performed in spoken English with creative captioning. Some sections used Visual Vernacular and movement. This performance was accessible for hearing, deaf and hard of hearing audiences.


Liv Wynter 
Alexander James 
Robert Howat 
J Dangerous
Les Miserable 
Lewis Daniels 
Nathaniel Cross 


Liv Wynter
Flo O'Mahony 
Cat Hawthorn 
Rachel  Sampley 
Barbara Pugliese 
Toby Evans-jesra 
Zoe McWhinney 
Creative Consultant

Sound Engineer 
Sound Designer 
AV & Lighting Designer 
Vocal Coach 
BSL Consultant 
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