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While you sleep, millions of people are working. This is their story. 

Unfolding over a single night shift, an unlikely group of night workers – who have more in common than they realise – are embroiled in a life-changing series of events.​

What follows is an epic tale of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, as an ordinary evening turns into an extraordinary night. 

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Ladies In The Van was created as a direct response to the covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown in the UK. During this period there was growing concern for the isolation and disconnect care homes were experiencing. The aim was to create an entertaining show that would momentarily ease these effects and subsequent feelings.

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Beth is confident, clever and wants to become the world’s best leader. But people keep calling her bossy. When Beth decides to run for Head Girl, she must embark on a quest to find out who she really is, what she stands for.

But Beth soon realises that what’s really important might be found in her roots a little closer to home.

 Featuring a kick-ass Caribbean soundtrack, and performed in BSL and Sign Supported English, you’ll leave this show feeling pumped up and powerful!

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