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Perfect Show for Rachel 

Step into Rachel's world in this experimental show as a learning disabled artist has the power to lead the creation of her ‘Perfect Show’.

Rachel is a theatre-loving, enigmatic 33 year-old who loves Kylie Minogue, heckling from the front row and seeing people falling over. She is a learning disabled care-home resident, and sister to Flo, Zoo Co’s Artistic Director.

Sitting on-stage on a throne with her custom-built tech desk, she takes charge as the director of every unique performance in real-time. A touch of a button can trigger music, lighting, theatrical scenes or choreography, brought to life instantly by a company of performers.

Perfect Show for Rachel was developed with Rachel, to create a show on her own terms. It explores who defines artistic taste, and questions who that currently excludes. Created by Zoo Co Theatre, a multi award-winning company creating theatre that loudly champions access, with Improbable, a pioneering company of improvisers and theatre-makers. 


Upcoming shows

Brighton Festival
Brighton Dome Corn Exchange

Saturday 4th May - Tuesday 7th May 2024

Barbican Centre

Friday 24th May - Sunday 9th June 2024

We asked three local artists to come into our rehearsals and share a creative response from their time in rehearsals with us. See their responses below. 

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