Here at Zoo, we recognise that we're living through very uncertain times. In particular for our friends and colleagues in the creative industries. "Is there anything we can do?" We asked ourselves. And the Zoo Market Place was born. 

Here you will find a selection of online creative offerings; from 1-2-1s to group classes to commissions to consultancies from artists and colleagues Zoo knows and loves. So if you want to be able to still have fun, learn some new skills and spend time with others even in this crazy new lockdown life, then look no further.

Our Zoo artists have loads in store for you and we're going to keep adding to it! 

Here's to getting through this as artistically and creatively as we possibly can.

Lots of love, the Zoo Animals x

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Fleur's Fitness!

Fleur is a fully qualified personal trainer with 4 years experience. She loves everything from HIIT training to gentle yoga but her main aim when training is that the sessions are tailored perfectly to your needs and abilities. You don't need equipment and Fleur offers a safe space to train where pronouns, preferences and all bodies are respected. 

Group or 1-2-1:                             1-2-1

Availability:                   See booking page

Cost:                                    £15 p/h (usually £35) 

Accessible to:                    Hearing & d/Deaf                                                          BSL/SSE users



Zoom Yoga Club

Welcome to Lucy B Zoom Yoga Club, a club for unlimited, inclusive zoom yoga.

This club offers 4 live zoom classes a week of varying styles and abilities so you can practice from the comfort of your own home for only £20 a month. That’s only £5 a week and less then £2 a class! 

Group or 1-2-1:                   Group

When:               Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sun

Cost:                                    £4 a week for 5 classes

Where:                                      Online (Zoom)

Accessible to:                       Hearing persons,                                                wheelchair users and all                                               body shapes and sizes.    



BSL lessons

Rupal is a British Sign Language tutor & Deaf Consultant for Remark and provides tuition to Zoo Co’s creative teams on our d/Deaf and hearing projects. She offers tailored, clear, playful and informed tutoring for total beginners and more advanced signers. She works on basics, and also tutor you to get ready for BSL Levels 1, 2 + 3. 

She is a true legend at Zoo Co, so if you’re looking to hone a very practical skill during this time, she is the tutor for you! 

Group sessions:             £30 p/h for up to 6 ppl                                                       The cost will be split                                                        between participants

1-2-1 sessions:                    Available via FaceTime

Cost:                               (£20p/h. Usually £35p/h)

Accessible to:                            Everyone!

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Art and a Hot Guest

Simple and fun exercises to improve your drawing skills. No previous experience or fancy arts material needed. Bring some paper and some different material to draw/paint with (could be ANYTHING – I have used potpourri and squeegees in the past, so there’s no right or wrong) and let’s get drawing!

Who is it for? 12+ years

Group or 1-2-1:                       Group

When:                                    Weds & Thurs 7pm 

                                                  30 - 45 mins class

Cost:                        Pay What You Can: £2 - £7

Where:                                    Online (Zoom)

Accessible to:                      Hearing persons,                                                          wheelchair users 



FAB Portraits

Fancy a fabulous portrait of yourself or a loved one as a gift? Send me a high resolution photo and I will make a super glam, pop art style, digital painting of it with lots of added va-va-voom! For examples of my style head to stellabackmandesign on Instagram and check out the fabulous paintings of Daniel Craig and Sean Connery!

For anyone who wants some pizzazz in their life!

Group or 1-2-1:                   Commission

When:                                          Anytime! 

                                               Give me a couple of                                              days to paint it, then I'll                                              send it over via email

Cost:                                                   £20

Accessible to:                              Everyone



Making a Solo Show

In 2019, Nick performed his first solo show, Mr Brightside, in London and to sold-out audiences at Brighton Fringe.

In a series of pre-recorded online videos, he'll share the techniques and approaches he uses to make work; like generating material, technical aspects, theme work, structure and more!

This is for anyone interested in making theatre or wants to find exercises to use with theatre groups, clubs or students.

Group or 1-2-1:                       Both

Availability:                       All day every day!

 Cost:                                     Pay What You Can

Where:                                          YouTube

Accessibility:                    Videos use captions