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Perfect Show for Rachel 

Step into Rachel's world in this experimental show as a learning disabled artist has the power to lead the creation of her ‘Perfect Show’.

Rachel is a theatre-loving, enigmatic 31 year-old who loves Kylie Minogue, heckling from the front row and seeing people falling over. She is a learning disabled care-home resident, and sister to Flo, Zoo Co’s Artistic Director.

Sitting on-stage on a throne with her custom-built tech desk, she takes charge as the director of every unique performance in real-time. A touch of a button can trigger music, lighting, theatrical scenes or choreography, brought to life instantly by a company of performers.

Perfect Show for Rachel was developed with Rachel, to create a show on her own terms. It explores who defines artistic taste, and questions who that currently excludes. Zoo Co are winners of the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award in 2022.


We asked three local artists to come into our rehearsals and share a creative response from their time in rehearsals with us. See their responses below. 

Creative Team 


Becky Barry Integrated BSL Performer

Chloe Stally-Gibson Production Manager

Mark Aspinall Musical Director

Nick Gilbert Sound Designer and Stage Manager

Brian Duffy BSL Interpreter and Fight Director

Simeon Campbell Choreographer

Maria Laumark Creative Associate & Access Support Worker

Lara Marshall Company Support Worker and Assistant to Access Coordinator

Rachel O’Mahony Director

Flo O’Mahony Artistic Director

Olivia Munk Senior Producer

Sarah Verghese Community Producer

Fleur Rooth Access Manager

Lee Simpson Lead Artist, Performer and Facilitator

Stella Backman Set and Costume Designer

Rachel Sampley Lighting and Video Designer

Becky Barry Performer

Stephen Collins Performer

Sara Dawood Performer

Folarin Akinmade Performer

Fleur Angevine Rooth Performer

Michelle Hudson Live Scribe

Sarah Verghese Live Scribe

Mark Aspinall Performer

Nick Gilbert Performer

Lee Simpson Performer

Flo O'Mahony Performer

Ethan Pascal Peters Performer

Wendy O'Mahoney Performer and Onstage Carer

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