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Introduction to Trusteeship for deaf / disabled people

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Zoo Co is keen to introduce more deaf and / or disabled people to the practicalities of being a Trustee with an arts organisation. We recognise that volunteer Trusteeships aren’t always accessible to deaf and disabled people, so we’ve set up this programme as an experiment in changing that.  


We’d like to offer two people the chance to observe each of our next two Board meetings, supported by our new Board Support Worker. 



Tues 6 August 2024, 6pm - 8pm

Tues 12 November 2024, 6pm - 8pm


Meetings are usually held at the National Theatre (Central London) in person, though people can join remotely as needed. 


You can apply to observe both meetings, or just one (ie. between 2 and 4 people will be selected to take part in this work).


£100 per meeting, including prep and debrief time, equivalent to 0.5 day’s work in total across 2 weeks. Expenses like travel and childcare costs may also be reimbursed. Payable on receipt of invoice, after the debrief has taken place. 


Access support matching your requirements will be provided - you can give us an Access Rider, or have a one-to-one with our Creative Access Director to talk more about what you need. 


The week before each meeting

There will be mutually agreed time with our freelance Board Support Worker, and the Executive Director, to go through Board papers ahead of the meeting(s) and explain their content and purpose. Papers are circulated a week before each meeting, so this would usually happen sometime that week.


We aim to present papers in an accessible style - we can provide alternative formats as needed. 


After each meeting

The week following the meeting, there will be mutually agreed time with our Board Support Worker and the Executive Director to debrief, discuss how you found the experience, and clarify any points of order. 


How to apply:

Send an email (around 200 - 400 words), explaining:

  • Why you’re interested in the programme, and how Trusteeship might fit into your life right now.

  • Whether you’re interested in attending one (which?) or both meetings. 

  • Whether you are deaf, whether you are disabled, and the nature of your disability (if you’re comfortable doing that). This programme is not open to people who are neither deaf nor disabled. 

  • Feel free to attach your CV, and an Access Rider if you like (we can also talk about access requirements after an offer has been made). 


Please send your email to Michelle Hudson, General Manager, on:


Applications close:
Noon on Monday 1 July 2024


We will let people know the outcome of their application by Friday 12 July 2024.


Important note: 


This training programme is meant as a broad introduction to charitable Trusteeship, so individuals who want to find out more about how it works have the opportunity to do that in a supportive environment. 


It isn’t intended as a direct pathway to Trusteeship at Zoo Co. 


Though we are offering payment as part of this programme, this doesn’t reflect the reality of being a Trustee. Trustees with Registered Charities are voluntary roles (ie. our Trustees are all volunteers), though expenses like travel and childcare can be reimbursed. Other ways of forming organisations include things like CICs; CICs are permitted to pay an Advisory Board, rather than have an unpaid Board of Trustees. This can allow more people to take part in governance roles. 


The context:


For context, our Board is currently formed of 7 people, representing:

57% not disabled

14% disabled / long-term health condition

0% deaf*

29% prefer not to say


43% neurodivergent

57% not neurodivergent


*The Artistic Director signs BSL at about Level 3. Three Trustees, the General Manager and the Executive Director are working towards Level 1. 

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