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Zoo Co’s work has broadened, and since 2019, we have begun to use the word ‘Associate’ 

to describe two strands of our work - Associate Artists, and Associate Shows (or projects). Across each show/ project, our role is varied to suit the relationship including, but not limited to, directing, access consultancy and co-production.


If you would like to contact us about possible Associate opportunities, please contact sarah@wearezooco.co.uk. We have limited capacity for developing Associate Shows in 2022, but are always open to chatting and developing relationships with new artists. 


I swiped on them all to see who I could meet. A hundred Manimals in a tracking spreadsheet…”


Michelle, a successful game designer, thinks she’s well on her way to winning the dating game when she starts going on dates with "Manimals" - men posing with exotic animals in their dating profiles. But when you try to win a partner at all costs, what do you lose?